1. Worth (adj.)

>Be worth N. 值...

This watch is worth 20000 這支錶值20000

This setup is worth at least 10000 這套設備至少值10000

If you’re in Taipei, the Taipei 101 is worth a visit.

I think this matter is worth our attention

>Be worth sb. V-ing 值得..做..

There is nothing worth you reading in this newspaper 這報紙裡沒有值得你讀的東西


>We came by car / on foot 我們開車/走路來的

>Someone’s coming to fix it this afternoon. 今天下午有人要來修

>Come over here 過來一下

>【come + adj.】A wire has come loose at the back 後面有根電線鬆了

>【come in】 Does this trouser come in any other color? 這長褲有其他顏色嗎

People on the street come in all shapes and size-fat and thin, short and tall.


>【come with】

This cuddly baby doll comes with her own blanket and bottle.


Would you like to come with me 你想要跟我一起去嗎

>【come to do sth.= to start to do sth.】

I’ve come to like her over the months 在過了幾個月後,我開始喜歡上她了。

It used to hold paper bags, but it gradually came to be used to for magazines.


4.degree 程度

>This work demands a high/low degree of skill 這工作對技術的要求很高/低

>【to a adj. degree 到...的程度】The number of terrorist attacks has increased to a terrifying degree.

>I have to warn you that there’s a degree of danger involved in this.

>To what degree is he willing to cooperate 他願意合作到甚麼程度

>She has a bachelor’s/master’s degree in history from Yale 她有耶魯大學的歷史學學士/碩士學位


>What’s the most you’ve won at poker 你打撲克牌最多贏過多少

>【 most likely 很有可能 最有可能 】 He would most likely to have pizza for dinner.

>【at most】

It should cost around 20, or 30 at most 那應該20塊錢,最多30

This work takes 2 week at most 這最多花兩個禮拜的時間



>【the least likely 最不可能】 This group is the least likely to win out of these four.

>Disaster strike when we least expect it.


如果你是來看雅思作文 那你來對地方了